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PM software debate- web or hosted?

The Digital Dryshack has been quiet lately, our efforts distracted by a heavy workload. Too busy with urgent business to do what's important. Sound familiar? The bane of the small business, (and some larger ones as well), catches us all from time to time. Lots of ideas. Some topics in front of me at the moment, of the many I've scratched out lately, follow: -> hardware ahead: ->thin client, tablets, & RDP (and the accompanying demise of the PC & laptop) -> new Construction Sequence Index (stay tuned) -> Project Management on the web, vs. on a locally-hosted server environment Starting at the bottom, we see an ongoing battle between the two project management software models. And to an extent the entire software industry as a whole. The primary advantages of web-based project management software : - easy access for team members - potential reduction of IT cost, by eliminating the need for internal software hosting and additional required security The primary advantages of internal server-based PM: - ease of integration with accounting, scheduling, and Windows / apps in general - full control of security and data backup regimen These four issues are among those at the heart of the [...]

Digital Dryshack: Pricing Policy for our Upcoming Estimating Database Tools: All for $0

While driving down to the Bay Area for the ENR Future Tech conference in San Francisco, Rob & I took the opportunity to discuss several aspects of our business, and the industry in general. One thing our Business Consutant had asked me about recently was our plan for selling some of the new estimating database tools that Rob has been developing. So I asked Rob about his vision for our target market and an approximate fair value sales price. I'll have to admit I was surprised by his response: "Let's give it all away for nothing." Hmmm. Not exactly representative of fair value for all the time it would save users, not to mention his time in development. Following the funny look I gave him, he elaborated: "It's the Open Source model. We give away the software for free, and support it for hire. It's why Google Maps and Chrome are the best products out there. It's the extension of the Linux model. Instead of charging for our software, and bearing the full responsibility of upgrading, tweaking, and making it better, we go Open Source, and anybody in the world can improve its functionality and add new features. Our programming team can include the [...]