From the Bid Room: Estimating emergency handled

I had an urgent support call last week from one of our Montana contractors who use Timberline Estimating. Here's the scenario: It's Bid Day,  getting down to the last hour before the bid is due. The system kicked them out of the estimate, and when they try to reopen the  file, they get an error  the message:  "Estimate is open on another computer or marked as Read Only. Yikes! The good news is that this is easy to fix.  Here's how: Make sure EVERYONE is out of Timberline, (both Accounting and Estimating). This is important if you want the payroll checks to be correct next Friday! On the file where the estimate file resides, (usually the Server), open Services, and stop both the Pervasive Services. Then restart both. This 5-minute procedure will clear the "Read Only" flag and allow the file to be reopned. With this simple procedure, Steve & his team were  back up and running in just a few minutes, to close the bid successfully. The bid market is tough enough out there without computer problems! Let us know if you have a question, and we'll answer it for you and post it here.

Timberline Estimating Tip – using Estimating Explorer

This week’s tip concerns using Estimating Explorer, the bid management utility that is bundled with your Sage Timberline Estimating package. We recommend using Estimating Explorer for both creating & managing your Timberline Estimates. This accomplishes multiple goals: Consistency in the way estimates are created, and estimate data fields are filled in. (Pick lists are provided for numerous fields including Estimator.) You can utilize this consistency with Explorer’s built-in reports, to track each estimator’s productivity and performance. Explorer provides a convenient, fast way to view the contents of Timberline Estimate files, without opening them. Explorer also offers a quick way to copy, move, and delete estimate files. It’s just as safe, more intuitive, and quite a bit faster than using the File Tools wizard.

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How to make a record in Sage Timberline Office Address Book available in Timberline Estimating

Sometimes it’s the little things that bog you down when you’re using Timberline Estimating . Like simply entering a Subcontractor or a Client into an estimate that you know is in Timberline’s Address Book, but you can’t see when you click into the pick list. Here’s how to make a record in Sage Timberline Office Address Book available in Timberline Estimating: Open AB, and find the Company or Person record that you’d like to use in Timberlne Estimating. Click on the “Use As” button (on the right side of the window), and Select “Estimating Sub/Vendor“ Assign the (required) index number, and select OK That’s all there is to it! The Vendors, Clients, or Subs for which you’ve followed the simple steps above will all be available in Estimating. (You may need to restart Estimating for the Address Book to display the updated records in Timberline Estimating)

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