Viewpoint Construction Software

Case Study: Kissick Construction Viewpoint Consulting

When Kissick Construction called us last March, they were looking for 3 things: personalized service, quick response,  and Viewpoint expertise. When Dennis asked if we were up to the challenge to meet all three objectives consistently and  help his company take its Viewpoint Vista system to the next level, we guaranteed personalized response within one business day, (with a 2 hour goal), satisfied their concerns regarding our capacity, and the rest is history. With construction roots going back nearly 100 years, Kissick Construction is one of Kansas City's most trusted civil contractors, who's made it their business to deliver on their promises to the area's most demanding industrial clientele. And they were looking for a consulting firm with the same business ethic. Now nearly a full year later, Kissick's Viewpoint Vista accounting and project management suite is running smoothly with few wasted motions or redundant data entry that had frustrated them in the past. We've helped them allocate their extensive equipment fleet's costs accurately, built dozens of custom reports, designed custom workflows for specialized client invoicing, and simplified multiple entities' certified payroll requirements to name just a few goals we've met. Now nearly a year later, we're still providing quick turnarounds [...]

Digital Dryshack #60, First look: Viewpoint Mobile Field Manager (MFM)

We recently attended a demonstration of Viewpoint's new Mobile Field Manager, its new jobsite data collection software. MFM is an efficient, tablet-based system that captures employees' cost-coded time info, job productivity, and Daily Report data, all in one easy to use platform. Daily and overall project productivity status is displayed conspicuously and effectively, so superintendents have an easy-to-see running account of exactly how their project stacks up against the estimate. It includes an electronic time sheet signature feature to certify time cards, and is also bi-lingual, accommodating the ever-growing Hispanic population on the jobsite. MFM works with Androids, iPads, and Windows machines, offering optimum flexibility. In our experience, superintendents find tablets far friendlier than laptops, so buy-in is easier than with more laborious keyboard entry at the end of a long workday on the site. While optimally linked to the company's server and the Internet, it functions perfectly well disconnected, enabling its use on remote projects. When reconnected to the Internet, the saved daily field info is easily uploaded to Viewpoint Construction Software, as well as virtually any other mainstream construction jobcost and project management system. It uses a SQL back-end database, and contains a built-in report writer as well. We're [...]