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Digital Dryshack #67: Tablets don’t take over the business world…yet

If you've been following the Digital Dryshack, you'll know we've been predicting that laptops are on the way out, with tablets taking over the portable business computing role. My favorites are the convertible models that include a detachable keyboard, offering both true tablet two-dimensional computing, with full-on laptop operability for more serious work sessions. With Rob and I due for new hardware, we started researching the specs of the different tablet models. The minimum  specs that I set for my main machine include 8gb RAM (16 preferred), modern 4-core processor, Windows 8.1 touchscreen, high-res display with dual video outputs, all in a 3 pound package. Rob's programming requires more processing power and 16 GB RAM, along with a more-forgiving 5 pound limit.  Asus, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung all have promising new convertible tablets. But with a top-end limit of only 4gb RAM and single video card output, we came to the disappointing conclusion that tablets are still not ready for prime time as a serious business-class machine. Despite my prediction that laptops would be boat anchors by sometime 2015, we each bought laptops. My new Lenovo Carbon x1 hits all my goals in 3.0 lbs, fires both my external 27" ultra-high res [...]

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Digital Dryshack #66, “Accumulator” items for Estimating Cost Analysis

Cassell Consulting is pleased to be working with Dominick Rose on several projects.  We first met at Timberline Estimating Conferences back in the '80s, in  his various roles as a senior estimating consultant, trainer, and database administrator. As Database Administrator most recently at CDM, Dominick, Alan Watt (DPR Construction), & I started the Northwest Estimators Roundtable, an informal group with the goal of sharing ideas as to the evolution of our unique discipline, construction estimating. One of our current projects with Dominick involves building a custom ProEst estimating database for an industrial contractor in the mid-west. A key component of our estimating database is the use of "accumulators", (items that sum overall quantities for estimate analysis). For instance, we use accumulators for the primary Level 2 sections of Div 03 Concrete, as follows: Sec 03-10-00 Formwork: we build an item "Form Oil & Accessories" Sec 03-20-00 Reinforcement- we build an item "Rebar Unload, Sort, & Accessories" Sec 03-30-00 Cast in Place Concrete: we build an item "Concrete Tools & Equipment" Each of these items automatically sums all work under its numerous subsections during  assembly takeoff. That quantity is then easily visible, for evaluating total man hours and dollars. It allows [...]

Digital Dryshack #65: Timberline Estimating to ProEst Conversion Tool

Cassell Consulting has been working with ProEst Estimating for just on a year now. Recently we've been building a custom software tool, that allows existing Sage customers to convert their existing Timberline Estimating database to a ProEst database. The current release (v1.0) has been created and we have successfully converted our first database for MAPP Construction in LA. We have several other databases to convert and will be making more improvements and as we complete each one.   Version Features: (Sage 9.8.x Pervasive -> ProEst 2013 releases) - Converts Group Phases & Phases -> Divisions & Sub-Divisions - Converts Items -> Items including unit conversions, costs, cost types, & crew assignments - Converts  Assemblies -> Assemblies - Converts Formulas -> Formulas in Assemblies - Converts Crews, Resources, Rate Tables -> Creates Crews, Costs, Cost Modifiers If you've been looking for a more modern estimating platform that includes digital takeoff, a complete database library, and bid day management all in a fully integrated system, ProEst is the only choice in the marketplace. And with our Database Conversion Tool, you can now use your company's Timberline database in ProEst. Please contact Cassell Consulting or ProEst for more details.

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Digital Dryshack #64: The New Year: A look back, the present, and changes ahead

The Christmas holiday and the New Year provide us a break from our routine and time to take the opportunity assess what we've been doing. All too soon,  business demands control our hours and days, and we find ourselves trying to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of our industry's squirrel cage . With that in mind, I took a look back to see that I've been writing this blog post for over five years now, the first one back in October of 2008. Times have changed. We used to be almost exclusively a Timberline shop, with Primavera SureTrak our other offering. Our company was  a one man shop, as I did all the consulting, while traveling incessantly across the country. Now we've got Rob Mazoros, our full-time senior consultant and software engineer, adding a whole new dimension to our services. Dominick Rose has joined us as a senior consultant and database wizard after many years of database administration at Camp, Dresser, McKee, and at Black & Veatch before that. Kait Cassell has joined us to run our marketing, and in an associate consultant role. We're in our second year on Main Street in downtown Vancouver, with four offices to serve you. Our [...]

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Digital Dryshack #63: Agile Project Mangement

I had the opportunity while on vacation in Southern Utah recently, to talk with a veteran project manager in the high-tech field. My friend has managed projects for two of the most recognizable names in tech for more than ten years. From my construction experience, I (thought) I saw an opportunity to pitch our time-tested critical path method analysis method for high tech projects, and to demonstrate its value to a young, smart person with responsibilities similar to a construction PM's. Instead of coming off as the knowledgeable old guy, I received an interesting lesson in Agile Project Management instead. "We haven't ever found conventional CPM scheduling methods applicable to what we do", she told me. "There are too many unknowns in our programming projects. We often end up with a completely different end result than we started with, as a result of the customer really not being able to articulate what they really want or need at the beginning of the project. They often find out they don't need all the stuff they asked us for when the project started. Or, once we deliver what they've asked for, it's likely to open up a whole new idea, that they want [...]

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Digital Dryshack #62- Viewpoint User Conference 2013 Recap

Just in case you missed it, Viewpoint Construction Software recently held its annual User's Conference 9/24-9/26/2013 in Portland, Oregon. From the inspiring Keynote speech by global circumnavigator Neal Peterson to the final session on Thursday afternoon,  all three days were well worth the time invested. Sessions ran a broad variety of topics. Learning to maximize workflow proficiency using Viewpoint's latest development efforts, seeing planned future enhancements still in the pipeline, and watching users display their creative and powerful skills with V6 are to name just a few. One thing Jay Haladay, Viewpoint's CEO,  pointed out in his opening address that caught my attention is the recent trend toward "micro-apps." New, nimble, single-purpose apps are proliferating online, interacting with more complex legacy software. Additionally, these micro-apps can be developed using new tools that can compile the code to iOS, Android, and Windows, all with a single programming effort. The days of the behemoth, monolithic, do-it-all mega-apps are numbered. I think the next few years will see the "de-construction" of these legacy apps into more discreet subroutines, each with a choice of designated micro-apps that can efficiently perform its function over the Internet using laptops, tablets, and smart phones. In the four years [...]

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Digital Dryshack #61 Resistance to Change in Company Culture…

Resistance to change is a given in our highly conservative industry. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is often akin to “we’ve always done it that way”, (even though it IS broke).  So the pain of change often kills a worthwhile positive initiative, making successfully implementing new processes very difficult. We spoke with the VP and the CTO of a very successful and highly-reputable $500mm GC firm recently, about adopting new, improved processes at their well-established company. Both these senior-level managers voiced frustration concerning their company's inability to overcome forty years of bad habits. (In this case trying to improve the distribution of timely job information, and the sharing that data across all departments). Old habits run deep, and in a larger company, convincing many senior managers to get on board and all row in the same direction is often difficult. A well-crafted, collaborative plan begins with a thorough review of the company's current means and methods, and includes the input of Ops, Accounting, and IT. Weaknesses are identified, and new technology tools are often chosen to help strengthen those areas. Company leaders shoulder the responsibility to make the financial decisions, with the consulting team typically in charge of implementation, configuration, and [...]

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Digital Dryshack #60, First look: Viewpoint Mobile Field Manager (MFM)

We recently attended a demonstration of Viewpoint's new Mobile Field Manager, its new jobsite data collection software. MFM is an efficient, tablet-based system that captures employees' cost-coded time info, job productivity, and Daily Report data, all in one easy to use platform. Daily and overall project productivity status is displayed conspicuously and effectively, so superintendents have an easy-to-see running account of exactly how their project stacks up against the estimate. It includes an electronic time sheet signature feature to certify time cards, and is also bi-lingual, accommodating the ever-growing Hispanic population on the jobsite. MFM works with Androids, iPads, and Windows machines, offering optimum flexibility. In our experience, superintendents find tablets far friendlier than laptops, so buy-in is easier than with more laborious keyboard entry at the end of a long workday on the site. While optimally linked to the company's server and the Internet, it functions perfectly well disconnected, enabling its use on remote projects. When reconnected to the Internet, the saved daily field info is easily uploaded to Viewpoint Construction Software, as well as virtually any other mainstream construction jobcost and project management system. It uses a SQL back-end database, and contains a built-in report writer as well. We're [...]

Digital Dryshack #58, Estimating Survey 2013

June 10, 2013: Derek Singleton of Software Advice informed me last week that their new 2013 estimating software survey was recently published to the web. Check it out at Software Advice's Estimating Survey 2013. If you're an estimator, I suggest that you take the survey, as I did the other day. It's always interesting to see how our own opinions on the state of digital estimating compare with those of our peers. I am looking forward to this year's results.   We're also pleased to see that Derek & team acted on our suggestion in the 2013 survey, to tally and compare the popularity among the estimating software brands. Last year's results affirmed the value of investing in a dedicated estimating software system, according to the majority of those who took the survey. (I agree). Capturing data to describe and publish the digital state of our craft isn't easy.   Not all the survey's questions and multiple choice options fit my own view of the best way to go about collecting the info, but I sincerely appreciate the effort and good work by Derek and his colleagues at Software Advice. Whether you use Excel or a proprietary database estimating system, logon to Software [...]

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