Timberline Software Support – Estimating Issues & Solutions

Timberline Software Support – Estimating Issues & Solutions 2017-01-14T08:23:21+00:00

Timberline Software Support Issues

Listed below are 4 common Timberline Estimating issues and their solutions.

1. Issue: Attempting to open a Timberline Estimate, message appears, “File needs to be inspected”, followed by message, “File is corrupt”

a. Problem: file was copied, renamed, or moved using Windows Explorer. The Pervasive file structure is two-dimensional, and doing the above disconnects the “gateway file” from its underlying (and essential) data table files.

b. Solution: move the file back to its original location, (or restore its original name, as applicable). In almost all cases, this will re-link the files.

2. Issue: Estimator uses hours as takeoff unit for Labor items, for crew-based tasks. This situation can cause mismatch between actual man hours reported in Job Cost and Estimated hours in Budget.

a. Example: Misc Labor, 2 Laborers , hr, $30/hr (2 laborers @ $15/hr). Other Labor items represent different crew sizes, (pour crew size is 6)

b. Problem: In job Cost interface, each item would add 1 hour to the Budgeted qty, when in fact it represents 2 , (or 6) man hours. Thus Job Cost reports will be unable to accurately compare budgeted hours to actual hours.

c. Solution: Use “ch” takeoff unit, “mh” order unit, with correct conversion to calculate man hours. Estimator can use same (familiar) method for calculating task duration, while maintaining accurate tracking in Job Cost reports.

3. Issue: database won’t open on some workstations, (but often does work on others)

  1. Symptoms: database won’t open- vicious cycle: “pes.dat file needs to be compacted”. When attempting to compact file, “incompatible dictionary file” message appears, stopping process.
  2. Problem: damaged / corrupt install files z
  3. Solution: Uninstall Timberline Estimating on the workstation. Restart the computer (whether prompted to do so or not). Reinstall Estimating. Good luck- it worked for us, after 3 hours of troubleshooting and trying everything else we could think of!

4. Issue: Company has a useful template estimate, but the Rate Table is outdated. Also works for updating an older estimate with new Labor (and/or) Equipment Rate Table(s).

a. Problem: Rate Table is out of date

b. Solution: Overwrite the Estimate file Rate Table with the Database Rate Table, as follows: Use Reprice Crews from Pricing menu.

i. In the Rate Tables section, select: “Update estimate rate tables from database and reprice.”

ii. In the Crews section, select “Update estimate crews from database and reprice”

iii. Be sure to select any option other than “Preview” for report. (Preview displays what will happen, but WON’T execute the operation.)