US Cost Success Estimator Training

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Cassell Consulting has offered US Cost Success training throughout the US, Asia, and Western Europe.

Course Description:
In the 2-day introductory course students will learn how to create an estimate from the beginning. This comprehensive training provides you with hands-on instruction you need to increase efficiency and productivity. This is an interactive class featuring practical examples and exercises. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student receives individual attention.

Course objectives include:

    • How to create a new estimate
    • Building and using project trees
    • Creating and assigning labor, equipment, and material resources
    • Importing costs using RSMeans libraries and legacy estimates
    • Applying markups and taxes to a project
    • Utilizing contractors in an estimate

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Morning: Day 1

-Navigating Success Estimator
The Success Estimator Desktop
The Task Pane and A Cost Estimate
Creating A New Project
Enter Estimate Properties
Downloading Information
-Project Trees
Building Project Trees
Project Tree Hierarchy
Working With Tree Levels
Tree Display
-Detail Item Assignments
Detail Item Assignment Fields
Creating a Detail Item Assignment
Adding Notes to a Detail Item Assignment
Direct Costs

Afternoon: Day 1

-Screen Management, Access and Reviews
-Labor and Equipment Resources
Creating a Material Resource
Equipment Fields
Creating an Equipment Resource
Assigning Material and Equipment to a DIA
Contractor Fields
Creating a Contractor – (Prime Vendor & Others as applicable)
Markup Vendors
Assigning Contractors (Vendors)

Morning: Day 2

-Transfer Information between Estimates
Click and Drag
Cost Item Browser
Lookup Tool
-Level Markups
Totaling the Project
Applying Markups (Tax Rates if Applicable)
    -AssembliesCreating AssembliesMulti-Level Assemblies

Afternoon: Day 2

-Printing / Reports
Print the Bill of Materials
Active Views
Preview Reports

-Adjusting Data