Consulting Services

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A20140520-078-Consulting-ServicesWe offer both in-house and offsite consulting targeted to your company’s specific needs and budget. Our consulting services help optimize companies’ processes and increase productivity, driving more profit to the bottom line.

Consulting Services:

CSI Conversion from 1995 to 2010  Master Format
Update your systems to the new industry standard.  We will dual-index your old estimating database for takeoff and reporting to both the 1995 (16 Division) CSI codes, and the new 2010 (48 Division) codes. Just one mouse click switches between MF-1995 and MF-2010. Database conversions are offered at a flat fee. For more info on our MasterFormat conversion service, please email

Custom Cost Coding System Design
Through our Discovery process, we custom-design job cost coding systems to your company’s optimum level of detail. Download a sample of our MasterFormat 2010 cost codes for self-performing General Contractors.

Estimate to Jobcost Interface
Save hundreds of Project Management and clerical hours per year! We assign your cost codes to your estimating database items, automatically producing the project budget for Project Manager’s review. Following any adjustments by the PM, the estimate is imported into your Jobcost accounting system. (Viewpoint, Sage, and Spectrum accounting systems to name a few).

Estimating Assembly Design
Produce detailed estimates in half the time. We build custom assemblies to increase the efficiency of your entire estimating team.

Custom Reports
Frustrated with continually adjusting reports and graphic displays and not getting the results you want?  We’ll make it easy for you by designing custom reports based on your exact specifications.

  • Crystal Reports
  • SSRS Reports
  • Customer Web Reporting Solution

Sage Timberline SQL Estimating Upgrade
We’ll upgrade your Sage Timberline estimates and database to the new, more modern and efficient MS-SQL.