Busy Winter

Busy Winter

It’s been a busy month here at Cassell Consulting. I’ve been overseas and  back on a training assignment for US Cost to three U.S. Naval bases in Europe. My assignment was to provide  five two-day US Cost Success Estimator sessions: one in Catania (Sicily), one in Rota (Spain), and three in Naples (Italy). The DOD demand for construction in Europe is robust, with a strong backlog of projects on the books.  Working with civilian engineers, most of whom are on two- to three-year assignments abroad offered me a small taste of the life of an expatriate. I’m ready to sign up. Most of those I worked with were enjoying the multi-cultural experience, had learned a foreign language (or two), and were content in their new country, knowing it was of fixed duration and that they’d be returning to the United States upon completing their contract. By the time  the plane was descending into Seattle some three and a half weeks after my departure, I truly wondered why I was back in the Pacific Northwest, as it had become my new norm to be half the world away.

Since I’ve been back, we’ve been working on a variety of interesting projects and initiatives:

Cassell Consulting is pleased to announce a new strategic partnershship with  with Schaper and Associates, a Beck Technologies DProfiler reseller and consulting firm. Steve Schaper, its principal, is a former Chief Estimator for Bovis Lend Lease, an ENR top-10 general contractor. Steve brings a vast storehouse of project experience  to our partnership, and is successfully implementing the powerful DProfiler macro-modeling tool to a variety of firms, mostly on the East Coast. Steve’s experience and location is a natural complement to our services. And likewise, our extensive P6 and Timberline experience and western location make us a natural fit for Schaper & Associates.

We’re offering a two training sessions in Honolulu in April:

  • US Cost Success Estimator Fundamentals (2 days), April 9 & 10. Click here for details.
  • Our popular and comprehensive “P6 for Government Contracts” training session in Honolulu. Dates are April 11-12-13. Click here for details.

Ongoing Timberline Estimating database dual-indexing capability with Master Format 2010 & 1995.

New initiative to include OmniClass indexing to our database work with DProfiler, Timberline Estimaitng, and Modelogix. OmniClass will be the focus of our next Blog Post.  Stay tuned.

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