Digital Dryshack #56.2, Sage Estimating 13.2, MS-SQL Release

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Digital Dryshack #56.2, Sage Estimating 13.2, MS-SQL Release

2013, IV, Digital Dryshack #56.2:
We’ve been working with Sage SQL Estimating, dubbed version 13.2, the first major upgrade in years to the Timberline Estimating family. As the name implies, the big news is its back-end database, Microsoft SQL, a major step forward for the Sage Estimating platform. Gone is the oft-problematic Pervasive database engine, with its cryptic “PVData” subfolder structure, a ball and chain gladly shed. We’re frankly excited to see the new platform with its more modern toolbars and screens, nesting windows, and more customizable user appearance. Another improvement is the way screen layouts and reports are saved, a weakness in prior Pervasive versions.

The biggest obstacle for most estimators will be the amorphous “all in one” database structure, eliminating individual estimate files as we know them. This in reality is a good thing, it just takes some getting used to. For anyone familiar with Primavera’s P3 transition to P6, you should understand the main advantage: for the first time, all your estimates reside in a single database! This opens up all kinds of new possibilities, difficult or impossible to achieve with individual files. Think multiple-estimate capability: queries, comparisons, and reports, in addition to dynamic integration with other software such as P6 and third-party accounting apps, just for starters. The possibilities are numerous and exciting.

To take advantage of these new opportunities, Cassell Consulting is working on a new set of custom tools, scheduled for release in April. Tools under current development include a WBS synchronizer, and a custom job cost interface. Rob (our Chief Programmer and Sr. Consultant), has the WBS-Sync up and running, with its beta release scheduled for late April. The custom job cost interface for Viewpoint Construction Software is scheduled for release in May. Also planned for release this year are a P6 Integrator, a custom front-end estimate builder, and a  custom reporter with multi-estimate capability.

We’re putting together a complete package of services that will include:

  1. upgrading your old Pervasive estimating to SQL
  2. migrating databases and estimates
  3. our new custom SQL Estimating Toolbox, containing all, or (only) those that fit your company’s needs

We’re working on pricing and the upcoming release dates for the tools. Please sign up to receive our blog on the right side of the web page, to receive  timely updates.

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