Digital Dryshack #65: Timberline Estimating to ProEst Conversion Tool

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Digital Dryshack #65: Timberline Estimating to ProEst Conversion Tool

Cassell Consulting has been working with ProEst Estimating for just on a year now. Recently we’ve been building a custom software tool, that allows existing Sage customers to convert their existing Timberline Estimating database to a ProEst database. The current release (v1.0) has been created and we have successfully converted our first database for MAPP Construction in LA. We have several other databases to convert and will be making more improvements and as we complete each one.


Version Features: (Sage 9.8.x Pervasive -> ProEst 2013 releases)

– Converts Group Phases & Phases -> Divisions & Sub-Divisions

– Converts Items -> Items including unit conversions, costs, cost types, & crew assignments

– Converts  Assemblies -> Assemblies

– Converts Formulas -> Formulas in Assemblies

– Converts Crews, Resources, Rate Tables -> Creates Crews, Costs, Cost Modifiers

If you’ve been looking for a more modern estimating platform that includes digital takeoff, a complete database library, and bid day management all in a fully integrated system, ProEst is the only choice in the marketplace. And with our Database Conversion Tool, you can now use your company’s Timberline database in ProEst. Please contact Cassell Consulting or ProEst for more details.

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