Digital Dryshack #67: Tablets don’t take over the business world…yet

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Digital Dryshack #67: Tablets don’t take over the business world…yet

If you’ve been following the Digital Dryshack, you’ll know we’ve been predicting that laptops are on the way out, with tablets taking over the portable business computing role. My favorites are the convertible models that include a detachable keyboard, offering both true tablet two-dimensional computing, with full-on laptop operability for more serious work sessions.

With Rob and I due for new hardware, we started researching the specs of the different tablet models. The minimum  specs that I set for my main machine include 8gb RAM (16 preferred), modern 4-core processor, Windows 8.1 touchscreen, high-res display with dual video outputs, all in a 3 pound package. Rob’s programming requires more processing power and 16 GB RAM, along with a more-forgiving 5 pound limit. 

Asus, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung all have promising new convertible tablets. But with a top-end limit of only 4gb RAM and single video card output, we came to the disappointing conclusion that tablets are still not ready for prime time as a serious business-class machine. Despite my prediction that laptops would be boat anchors by sometime 2015, we each bought laptops. My new Lenovo Carbon x1 hits all my goals in 3.0 lbs, fires both my external 27″ ultra-high res monitors, and even pushed out an incredible 4x display in our testing. Rob bought a new Dell XPS 15 with an incredible 15″ 3200 x 1800 display.

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