Digital Dryshack: Every Job is Different…or is it?

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Digital Dryshack: Every Job is Different…or is it?

Every Job is Different. (Wait a minute…or is every job the same?)
This issue is one we hear frequently from our clients, often as we attempt to standardize processes in construction operations, estimating, and project management. While the statement that every job is different is undeniably true, it’s equally true that every job includes the same fundamental approach, requiring a similar set of procedures and methodology. I would argue that a difficult demo and remodel project is more similar to a new construction project than it is different. How so?

Construction is still construction, and at the end of the day, the steps are the same. Bid qualification, subcontractor and vendor notification, estimate preparation and submission are components of every bid. Project scheduling, mob, construction, documentation, cost management, closeout, and demob are necessary activities that must be planned and executed efficiently, in order to achieve a good outcome. So rather than focus on the differences that set projects apart from one another, pay attention to their similarities, in order to streamline your company’s process and methodology.

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