Estimator’s notebook- January

Estimator’s notebook- January

We’ve been fortunate to be very busy throughout the last quarter, with the advantages and disadvantages inherent in a packed work schedule. On the one hand, it’s our favorite problem to have, although it’s been very difficult to keep up and produce the volume of work we’ve landed. On the other side, perspective is tough to achieve when you’re giving it all you’ve got in the trenches, just trying to get the work done. Having solid strategic partnerships is critical in these situations, and we’re fortunate to be able to count on some truly talented resources. Stenstrom Group Inc., N-Visions LLC, and PCATT are among those who have provided us with crucial support in these trying times.

Stenstrom Group Inc is the authorized Oracle | Primavera Business Partner for the Pacific Northwest and Pacific Rim. Through SGI we represent Oracle | Primavera in one of our core markets, supporting NAVFAC and US Army Corps of Engineers contractors. We work together to meet the demand for software, training, and scheduling services as NAVFAC and the Corps are adopting P6 to replace the now-obsolete SureTrak and P3 for their projects.  Why Projects Fail is a link to a useful white paper I downloaded from Oracle | Primavera, which discusses the six most common causes of over-budget, time-dealyed projects. I think you’ll find it worth the five minutes it takes to peruse. Thanks Mark!

N-Visions LLC is a consulting firm like ours on the East Coast. Joe Callahan, its principal, has been providing us crucial consulting services with our Timberline Estimating work. Joe worked at Timberline for years, developed its Estimating Report Manager product, and has been a premier estimating consultant for over ten years. Joe has pitched in to help us stay on schedule with our database development work. Thanks Joe!

PCATT (Pacific Center for Advanced Technology Training) is led by Beryl Morimoto from her office in Building 505 at Honolulu Community College. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve provided specialized training for Primavera P6, SureTrak, US Cost Success Estimator, and Timberline Estimating at that address to construction professionals numbering well into the hundreds, over the past three years. We couldn’t have done it without the first-class facilities and top-notch, friendly staff that Beryl has assembled at PCATT. I think you’ll find the attached link to PCATT’s ezine very interesting. My particular favorite is  “Things that will make you smarter in 2011”, down at the bottom of the page. Check it out. And Thanks Beryl!

The benefits of this synergy are found in our P6 for Government Projects training, most recently completed at PCATT  January 10-11. Our next scheduled session is planned for early April in Honolulu. We plan to offer quarterly this year. Please stay tuned to this website, or the PCATT Courses page for forthcoming training dates.