Java Error in Primavera P6 Install – unable to access jarfile

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Java Error in Primavera P6 Install – unable to access jarfile

A java error came up in the middle of a standalone Primavera P6 install for a client. We had just finished installing SQL 2008 and were running the database setup. When we would go to launch the database file we received the error: “unable to access jarfile lid\dbmt.jar” We examined the batch file, tried re-naming the pointed directories, modifying java settings, re-downloading Primavera P6 install files, and a host of other things. Nothing worked and we put the project on hold until the next day when it could be approached with a clear head. Thankfully, we were able to solve the problem when we resumed in the morning. The fix? Change your windows preferences to un-hide the “hidden folders.” Even though the java (jar) files were on the computer, they were hidden, and the batch file couldn’t run, which produced the jarfile and java home errors. Once we changed the setting, the install worked perfectly.

To unhide your windows folders:

Open Windows Explorer
On your keyboard press the Alt key
Go to Tools —> Folder Options
On the View tab, under Files and Folders, Click the bubble for “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives”

Full disclaimer that this fix won’t remedy all java errors in Primavera P6 installs. Unhiding the folders worked in this case, but other times we have seen not-fully unzipped install files and corrupt java files to be culprits. We suggest re-installing and un-zipping the install files if unhiding doesn’t work. Unfortunately P6 installs can be tricky, we hope this helps. Good luck!


  1. John Sobanjo June 20, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Thanks, but unfortunately in my case, I am installing P6 enterprise on the server (Windows server 2008) and running dbsetup on ms sqlserver. Error is “cannot find javaw” Installed java again, same error. Ran it again from a mapped drive (c:\) same error.

  2. Chelsea June 20, 2012 at 8:48 pm


    A few suggestions, starting with the easiest:
    1. Copy your install files so they are located on the server itself (ie not running from a jump drive, or another computer’s hard drive)
    2. Make sure your install files are fully unzipped
    3. Make sure the account you are running has administrative privileges & make sure to run install files by right-clicking and choosing ‘run as administrator’
    4. Un-hide any hidden folders

    Note: un-installing & re-installing java will not likely help. The batch file you are running (dbsetup.bat) points to the java application & files that came with your P6 install files–not to the java application on your C drive.

    5. In your install files, find the string: …Client_Applications\install\database\jre1.6.0_06\bin, verify you have a javaw file
    6. If you do not, you may have an incomplete install package and you might try to re-download your install files.
    7. If you do have a javaw file, open the batch file in edit mode. Reference the commands with the files in your computer and make sure they are all there.

    Good luck.

  3. John Sobanjo June 22, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    Thanks, changing my adminstrative privilieges, i.e., running as administrator, helped to get the dbsetup.bat file running. The javaw file was on the CD but not among the extracted files on the hard drive. Apparently even unzipping the file will also not extract all the files unless you extract them as an administrator user.
    I really appreciate your help, if I get get stuck again, I will let you know.

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