Index Database to CSI Masterformat Index ’04

Index Database to CSI Masterformat Index ’04 2017-01-14T08:23:21+00:00

We recently completed indexing an Island GC’s Hawaii and Guam databases to CSI Masterformat Index ’04 using WBS codes. This allows estimates to be viewed and sorted in either the traditional 16-division Masterformat (MF) ’95 sequence, or the new MF ’04 48-division system. We also designed accompanying Item Sort Sequences, so Takeoff can be done in either format as well. We’ve done this for several clients over the last few years, and find most US Government projects and  even a fair share of private AE firms using the new  numbering sequence.

The primary decision is whether to re-index the entire phase code scheme, (Timberline Estimating’s primary database index), or  to simply use WBS  codes for MF ’04 sorting.  Either way you get the best of both worlds in your estimate sort sequences and reports. It typically requires one to three days’ effort depending on the method selected and the complexity of the phase coding structure. Please email or call us for more information on getting your company’s database MF-04 compliant.