DD# 77: What’s up with the internet this week?

//DD# 77: What’s up with the internet this week?

DD# 77: What’s up with the internet this week?

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What’s up with the Internet this week? From the looming death of Internet Explorer to the Yoast security scare and now Google might be launching a new penalty? We have what you need to break through the noise and do the marketing that matters.

How Much Traffic Will You Lose from the Upcoming Mobile SEO-Pocalypse?

Bryson Meunier answers the question we’ve all been asking as Google’s April 21 deadline looms…

10 SEO Myths that Friggin’ Tick Me Off

That mobile deadline may be no myth, but that doesn’t mean you can believe everything you hear about the Internet. Cyrus Shepard debunks some lingering (and even harmful) SEO myths.

How to Measure the User Journey with Content Groupings, WordPress & GTM

Get the stats you need to understand your customer’s mindset and where you should be focusing your content efforts. Mike King explains.

Can a Google Answer Box Drive Significant Site Traffic?

While we’re looking at things in a fresh light, Mark Traphagen investigates whether Google swiping your info for Answer Boxes might actually be a good thing.

Embracing a Slow User Experience

What happens when you strip away the expectation that your visitor convert! convert! convert!? David Kutcher reveals when it’s better to slow a visitor down (and how to do it).

Grow Your Own SEOs: Professional Development for Digital Marketers

If you’re having trouble finding just the right candidate, Ruth Burr Reedy shares the inside scoop on how to capitalize on the talent you already have (and keep them happy).

Why We Removed the Word “Hacker” from Buffer Job Descriptions

Job applicants looking a little too similar? Courtney Seiter reveals an unconscious bias that could be tanking your office’s diversity (and how to fix it).

The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook

Next time you’re stuck in a marketing rut, check out this extensive list of ideas from Mark Hayes. There’s something to inspire anyone—even if you think you’ve tried everything.

Should I Go Custom or Template?

Ever wondered if you can get by with a website template rather than shelling out for a custom design? Brolik asks all the right questions to help you find the perfect answer to your needs.

Google Feud

Regardless of which Family Feud host you most loved, you’re going to adore Justin Hook’s game of guessing what Google Suggests will say next. Survey says… Google Feud is addictive!


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