Dominick Rose, CPE, Senior Consultant

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_PPX8178 copyDominick brings a proven track record as a civil and architectural construction and estimating manager with over 37 years    of experience in the construction industry. He has worked on projects as a construction manager, estimating manager,  scheduler, and project superintendent. A Certified Professional Estimator (American Society of Professional Estimators), Mr. Rose possesses two decades of experience preparing complete project estimates for water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and industrial applications including project buyout of successful proposals. He possesses a wealth of experience using Timberline Precision Estimating and Primavera Project Planner software programs. His diverse set of management, estimating, scheduling, consulting, and engineering skills will make him an indispensable asset to any construction project.

Current and Recent Projects

Program Manager, Computerized Estimating System. Mr. Rose manages the development of CDM Smith’s Computerized Estimating System. He completely revised the Computerized Estimating System. He developed Assemblies to conform & standardize Quantity Survey, established pricing strategies to expedite, conform and standardize material pricing practices and created a Documentation & Pricing Library to store relevant information collected in the course of Estimating Practice. He initiated the use of an Estimating Terminal Server, which unified all estimating services at CDM Smith allowing all Estimators worldwide access to the Estimating System. This created a common Estimating Standard of Practice and gave us the ability to synergize Estimating resources throughout CDM Smith. Mr. Rose continues to expand, refine and maintain the Computerized Estimating System (to date containing over 100,000 Items and 900 Assemblies), define and support our Estimating training program and acts as a mentor to any and all seeking Estimating assistance.

Experience Highlights

  •  Certified Professional Estimator
  • Estimating Manager
  • Construction Manager

Industry Experience

  • Construction Manager and Scheduler, Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 3 Interim Improvements/Upgrade, Merced, California. Mr. Rose served as the construction manager and scheduler for this $11.2 million wastewater treatment plant expansion. Additions included site-grading, construction of a 1.4 million gallon fine bubble diffusion aeration basin, a 110-ft diameter secondary clarifier, revising the chlorine gas system to sodium hypochlorite, revising the existing aeration system from mechanical aeration to fine bubble diffusion, addition of blowers to feed the electrical and SCADA system for the existing plant. This project beat the stringent substantial and final completion dates by three weeks.
  • Construction Manager, Contra Loma Reservoir Swim Lagoon, Antioch, California. Mr. Rose served as construction manager and lead estimator for the construction of a swim lagoon inside an active reservoir for the Contra Costa Water District in Antioch, California. Elements of the project included an interior earthen dam shielded by riprap to isolate the swim lagoon from the existing reservoir, shoreline renovations, and installation of a concrete-lined swim lagoon. This project involved multi-jurisdictional coordination between the water district who owned the water, the parks district who ran the facility, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation who owned the property.
  • Senior Estimator, Zone 7 Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Alameda County, California. For the expansion of the Patterson Pass water treatment plant in Alameda County, California, Mr. Rose was a member of the team that successfully prepared the bid for this $12 million project, which includes a state-of-the-art, 8-million gallon per day (mgd) ultrafiltration system. Also included in the bid were the design and construction of new onsite sodium hypochlorite generation and storage facilities, a 30- inch raw water supply line and chemical injection vaults, a new solids contact clarifier, feed pumps, strainers, a chlorine contact tank and pipeline, backwash pumps and recovery system, a building to house the ultrafiltration system, and a connection to the existing clearwell. His responsibilities included preparing the concrete estimate as well as project coordination.
  • Estimating Manager, West Basin Reclamation Facility Carson, California. Mr. Rose led the team that successfully estimated the $17 million microfiltration plant design/build project in Carson, California, for the West Basin Municipal Water District.
  • Construction Consultant, TransAlta Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Composting Plant, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mr. Rose successfully served as construction consultant and estimator for the proposal of one of the largest MSW composting facilities in North America (in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). The completed facility structure will operate as a 1,100-ton per day (tpd) composting plant with seven composting drums. He developed the initial conceptual estimate including site development, rail entry, loading, and unloading facilities.
  • Construction Consultant, Cobb County MSW Composting Plant, Georgia. For a 300-tpd composting facility in Marietta, Georgia for Cobb County, Mr. Rose completed the successful proposal estimate. The facility was designed to receive municipal trash and deliver compost to land and golf course developers and large farm co-operatives. Construction of the facility includes five composting drums, which enable the plant to remove 100-tpd of biosolids.
  • Senior Project Engineer, Somona County Prison, California. As a senior project engineer, Mr. Rose was responsible for subcontractor and vendor contracts and coordination for the $40 million 350-bed Sonoma County prison in Santa Rosa, California. His duties included project and contract coordination, subcontractor oversight, and change order preparation and negotiations for over 2,000 change orders totaling more than $4 million.
  • Construction Manager/Estimator, Samsonite Metal Plating Facility, Denver, Colorado. Mr. Rose led the construction of a $2 million industrial facility in Denver, Colorado. He was responsible for all construction-related activities including building layout, project scheduling, craft labor supervision and direction, and subcontract and vendor management. Mr. Rose delivered the project on time and within budget.

Professional Activities

  • Member, American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE)
  • 2011-2013, Certification Committee, ASPE

Publications and Presentations

  • Rose, D. “How to Estimate Cost of a Two-Way Slab.” American Society of Professional Estimators Technical Journal, 1996.
  • Rose, D. “How to Use Timberline’s Precision Estimating Software.” Presented to various organizations and companies, 1994-2000.
  • Rose, D. “Estimating Process Equipment for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants- an Overview.” American Society of Professional Estimators Standard Estimating Practice (8th Editions) 2011.
  • Rose, D. “Estimating Instrumentation and Control in a Water or Wastewater Treatment Plant- an Overview.” American Society of Professional Estimators Standard Estimating Practice (8th Editions) 2011.


  • B.S. – Construction Management, With Distinction, Colorado State University, 1982


  • Certified Professional Estimator, American Society of Professional Estimators
  • Certified Consultant, Precision Estimating
  • Certified Trainer, Precision Estimating


  • 1991 and 1992 Presidents Award, Timberline Users Group
  • Phi Kappa Phi
  • Sigma Lambda Chi