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Procore is an easy-to-use, cloud-based Project Management software. In our testing, we were literally up and running our first projects in Procore, in just a couple hours. We had no problems creating RFI’s, Drawing Logs, Meeting Minutes, and the documents that define a construction project, and distributing those docs to focused lists of stakeholders. Its annual subscription-based pricing model includes UNLIMITED licences, ensuring all project members have required access. Security is granular and easy to set up, with a simple grid, no IT skills required. And because it is cloud-based, your company doesn’t need to worry about server power and hosting. Procore is mobile-friendly, linking to iPhones, iPads, and Android phones & tablets to make it easy to get timely info from the field. After having fought complicated, company-hosted legacy apps in the past, Procore is refreshingly powerful, and easy to use.

Procore Review

Focus: Cloud-based Project Management for Commercial General Contractors & Owners

Optimum company size: >$5 million of construction volume

Quick eval: Well-designed complete Project Management system

#1 Strength: Ready to use right out of the box

#1 Disadvantage: Doesn’t link directly to all construction accounting software

Price options: Annual subscription-based pricing, varies by number of Active projects. Contact Procore for pricing for your company.

Click here to download the Procore Buyers Guide

Cassell Consulting is a Procore referral partner. Please call (360) 891-5811 or email to schedule a demo and find out how Procore can benefit your company.