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eTakeoff is the most powerful construction digital takeoff software in the industry, speeding up takeoff and virtually eliminating calculation errors.  If you’re looking for a digital takeoff package, eTakeoff is the best there is. You can download a 15-day trial version by simply clicking this eTakeoff link. We have worked with eTakeoff as well as other quantity takeoff software, and we would be happy to discuss the option that’s best for your company’s needs.

eTakeoff Review

Focus: Digital Takeoff for Commercial General Contractors

Optimum company size: All companies who receive digital copies of project plans

Quick eval: One of the most efficient ways to speed up quantity takeoff, using direct plan measurement on the computer screen

#1 Strength: Save time performing quantity takeoff, (the grunt work of estimating)

#1 Disadvantage: None. It’s the best takeoff software in the market

Price options:

Advanced version $1,140 per license (support included)

Premier version $2,275 per license (support included)

Concurrent Licensing  $995 per license (works with both Advanced and Premier)


Cassell Consulting is an authorized reseller of eTakeoff. Call us at (360) 891-5811 or email for more information and to arrange a demo.