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iPM Global is an innovative project management software that interfaces with Microsoft Outlook.  It provides a central location to store all job information including activities, documents, tasks, change orders, dates, and budget. Through one of our business partners we are able to sell, offer consulting, and provide training for iPM.  If you would like to schedule a free demo or discuss more of the features of iPM, please contact us.

iPM Global Review:

Focus: Project Management, Document Control

Optimum company size: > 50 million dollars

Quick Eval: Powerful, flexible Project Management, Cost, & Document control. Based on Microsoft CRM engine.

#1 Strength: iPM Global is a CRM engine that provides robust & flexible workflow. If a company’s process is not in the software, it can be quickly configured and added.

#1 Disadvantage: iPM Global has Named User Licensing model, which can be more expensive.

Base price: $2,500 per License (Named User Licensing)


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