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Focus: Scheduling & Project Management

Optimum company size: > 15 million dollars

Quick evaluation: Hands down, the best scheduling program out there.

#1 Strength: Primavera P6 is a scheduling, excellent project management / forecasting tool using Critical Path Method, superb analytical tools. Enterprise component allows a company to see all its active projects at once. Web-based utility has most functions available through internet. Gold standard for DOD projects.

#1 Disadvantage: To get the most out of Primavera P6, a SQL server is required, but it does run well on (free) SQL Server Express for smaller companies; Named User Licensing is most expensive type.

Base price: $3,300 per license (Named User Licensing).


Cassell Consulting offers several P6 training courses; please visit our training page for more information, or contact us at (360) 891-5811 or