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Focus: Estimating for Commercial General Contractors, vertical (building) construction

Optimum Company Size: 15 million & up

Quick evaluation: Timberline Estimating has been one of the top 3 commercial general contractor packages for over 30 years. It’s a mature, solid system that to a large extent put dedicated estimating systems on the map.

#1 Strength: Timberline Estimating has the best assembly takeoff engine I’ve seen in all my years of consulting & support. Maximizes takeoff efficiency & reduces takeoff time using formulaic calculations, quantifying those elements needed in the assembly, & eliminating those not required by the project spec.

#1 Disadvantage: Timberline Estimating has an old database engine, the company’s sluggish pace of software enhancement; it has lost its once innovative edge that characterized its product for many years.

Base price: $3,000 Standard, $5,000 Extended per license (Concurrent Licensing). We would recommend the Extended version for all but an entry level investment.

Please call (360) 891-5811 or email to schedule a demo.