US Cost Success Estimator

US Cost Success Estimator 2017-01-14T08:23:20+00:00

Focus: Estimating & budgeting for Department of Defense projects, facilities, manufacturing, and public utilities.

Optimum company (type): > 50 million dollar D.O.D. contractors, government agencies, owners

Quick evaluation: Easy to use right out of the box for estimating & budgeting. More popular with D.O.D., governmental agencies, and facility owners

#1 Strength: US Cost Success Estimator is an estimating system created by estimators, and doesn’t require a fully-developed database to use. That said, it’s got an extensive data library selection available also. Data is extremely portable for importing & exporting to other programs.

#1 Disadvantage: US Cost Success Estimator is a mature product with little active development. Assemblies aren’t as powerful as some software.

Base price: $4,000 per license (hardware based, per user; more info on request)