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Up in the air over 16 Divisions or 48? Why choose?
You can have both with our CSI MasterFormat Conversion.

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Overwhelmed by the 48 Division spec sections in MasterFormat 2015?

You are not alone! Project specification manuals have always differed from each other, but never to the extent that they do today. One job will use the old 16-division format, and the next the new 48-division format. Worse, your company has invested countless hours in building a good estimating database, but it’s all in the old format. Do you really have to rebuild the whole thing in MF-2010’s 48 division format? Or keep two separate databases, one for each? Relax, the answer is “None of the Above.” Cassell Consulting has you covered! Our simple, cost-effective CSI MasterFormat Conversion solution will make your existing Timberline estimating database fully-2010-compliant at a much lower cost than you’d think. And our fixed price assurance means you can eliminate cost overruns.

Our Dual CSI MasterFormat Conversion Service

  • Complete indexing  of all Group Phases, Phases, and Items to the new MasterFormat 2010  Standard
  • Dual-format capability allows you to takeoff, sort, and report by EITHER MasterFormat-1995 or MasterFormat 2010
  • Our original, in-house ‘smart index’ groups items better than either system for more intuitive sorting and reporting


Price: $3,495  WBS index or $4,995 complete Phase Code + WBS Code index

Price applicable for most databases, please contact us for a firm price quote.

Looking for free Sample Cost Codes for CSI MasterFormat 2010/2004? Click here for the download.