Welcome back, Mr. Wagner!

//Welcome back, Mr. Wagner!

Welcome back, Mr. Wagner!

Just when we thought we were losing our P6 Guru, the heavens answered our calls. Ken Wagner just revealed that he won’t be retiring at the end of this month! Whoo-hoo! The Cassell Team is pleased to not be losing such a huge asset to our team. Ken has not only been a benefit to our clients and the work he does here at Cassell as our Senior P6 Consultant but also to our Digital Dryshack Blog. He has written some very helpful articles for P6 users. You can find his articles on our blog under P6 Deep Dive.

Ken will be available for P6 Training and Consulting until he retires in June of 2016. After his retirement he will be moving to Washington D.C. to build a home with his son on a property he purchased. This project has been a long time dream of his and soon it will be coming to life. Ken will be using his woodworking skills to do custom millwork and finish carpentry. We are so excited for you Ken! Welcome back and thank you for hanging tight just a little bit longer!


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